20 Japan Souvenirs recommended by a Japan Souvenirs lover

by Melo! SG on April 03, 2020

What comes to your mind when you hear of Japan souvenirs? Tokyo banana or white chocolate cookies? Or maybe various unique and interesting flavors of KitKat.

The Land of the Rising Sun is a hot spot for a tourist destination. Whether or not you have travelled to Japan before, you may have an idea of what may be good Japan souvenirs to bring home. Furthermore, Japan is known for goody-tasting snacks that boast of the Japanese name and pride.

Perhaps when you visited Japan for your holiday, you may have bought some magnets of red lanterns as Japan souvenirs for your own fridge or little Japan souvenirs for someone.

Then, what are some Japan souvenirs, you may ask? Here is a list of both goody foods and non-foods that are good to go as Japan souvenirs.

Food Souvenirs

1. Shiroi Koibito

Shiroi Koibito

Source: Shopee

This chocolate blanc cookie snack is one beloved snack from Hokkaido that is well known to be a must for yourself as a Japan souvenir when you visit Hokkaido. It’s a sandwich of two cookies put together with white chocolate in the centre, produced by a factory in Hokkaido called Ishiya. Shiroi Koibito translates from Japanese to English as “white lover”. Indeed, it is a loved snack that you will love as a Japan souvenir even for yourself to keep in your home fridge.

2. Matcha and Matcha flavored Products


Source: Unsplash


Matcha and Japan are synonymous to each other, thus making matcha a good Japan souvenir to take home. There are heaps of food and drink products from Japan that comprise of matcha flavor such as chocolates. And if you did not know, there exists matcha curry as well. Regardless, matcha products do make good Japan souvenirs for both yourself and for giving to someone.

3. Kitkat


Source: Unsplash


I’m sure we all know Kit Kat, and that there is a widespread range of different unique flavours of Kit Kat chocolates. In Japan, Kit Kats range from the ordinary, to the matcha flavored Kit Kats, to grape and apple flavors, and even wasabi Kit Kats and a version of Kit Kat comes with outer layer that you can bake. Indeed, Japan gets really creative with flavors for this brand of chocolates. Regardless of which region of Japan, you are sure to find a suitable unique flavor of Kit Kat over there that you can bring home as Japan souvenirs.

4. Senbei Japanese crackers

Japanese Senbei

Source: Unsplash


Senbei are a type of Japanese rice cracker that usually comes in a round shape. Senbei are usually savory and salty in taste, though sometimes they may taste sweet. These crackers are good edible Japanese souvenirs for people around you who may not exactly be akin to sweets. There are different types of senbei, and probably as a layman term, senbei are like a Japanese version of ‘keropok’.

5. Instant ramen (Or Japanese ‘maggi mee’)


Source: Unsplash


When you hear of ramen, you may think of tonkotsu ramen or noodles in broth. Though, in Japan, instant noodles is also termed as ‘ramen’, or in our terms in Singapore, we call it ‘maggi mee’.

6. Tokyo Banana

Tokyo Banana

Source: Tokyo Banana

Chances are, regardless of which region of Japan you plan on visiting, you would likely land in Japan’s capital first. Probably you may know of the Tokyo banana as the to-get Japan souvenir for your office. Also, even if you didn’t land in Tokyo, and are not exiting Japan via Tokyo, there are chances that you would see these around in the international airports around Japan.

7. Ginza Strawberry

Ginza Strawberry

 Source: Shopee


Probably not as well known as the Tokyo banana, these fluffy cakes with strawberry filling on the inside is just as well worth trying and introducing to your colleagues and friends as a Japan souvenir. These strawberry cakes are brought to you by the same company that gave you the Tokyo banana. Though, these may not be as available if you are not in Tokyo. But if you are going to be in Tokyo, these cakes should expect you.

8. Wasabi


Source: Forbes


This one is more of an acquired taste and not suitable for just anybody for a Japan souvenir. Hardly, people would go green with envy if you were get this for someone else and not them. However, it is one more edible thing that represents the Japan identity and can be given to people you know will love it. Wasabi is a green paste made out of Japanese horseradish that you may have seen around at sushi restaurants in Singapore. Though, the ones from Japan may taste slightly different from the ones you tasted here in Singapore. Wasabi outside of Japan tend to have wasabi mixed with mustard and food coloring. The real wasabi from Japan is just hot and does not have a lingering, burning aftertaste.

9. Japanese Seaweed


Source: We Love Japanese Food


From sushi, to onigiri, to Japanese flakes that you can put on rice as condiments, seaweed is an essential part of most Japanese food names. You may not necessarily need to travel all the way to Japan to get seaweed as a Japan souvenir as it is readily available in most supermarkets in Singapore. However, seaweed coming from Japan, you may perhaps notice taste subtle difference that Japan’s seaweed may taste better.

10. Takoyaki-flavored Anything

Takoyaki Flavored

Source: Unsplash


You may have first been introduced to Takoyaki in Singapore, where there are booths across the island selling 3-4 balls at one shot for a price of around $2 to $3, making it good for a light snack. These delicious balls are made of a flour mixture with a little piece of octopus or prawn inside. Takoyaki is a well-loved Japanese snack by many in Singapore. In Japan, you get to taste of how the real thing tastes like. Though, these real things have to be freshly eaten and cannot be left in your luggages to fly with you back to Singapore as a Japan souvenir. Heres the substitute. There are many snacks from Japan that incorporate the Takoyaki into a lot of their snacks, thus letting you enjoy the snack with a hint. That would make do as a Japan souvenir then.

11. Jaga Pokkuru

Jaga Pokkuru

Source: Bokksu


This is similar to the Jagabee potato snack, but one must-get in Japan especially if you intend on visiting Hokkaido. This snack usually comes in a big box consisting of 10 little packets that you may be able to distribute around to 9 friends and keep one for yourself as a Japan souvenir. Trust me when I say that this potato snack is addictive, and you may want to preserve one big box at home.

Non-Food Japan Souvenirs

Are you on diet? Or are you cutting down your sugar and salt intake, and Japan food souvenirs from Japan do not interest you that much? There is also an array of non-food Japan souvenirs that have their charm.

Excluding food souvenirs from Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun may well be known for meticulously done and dainty.

12. Kendama


Source: RS Parks


Kendama may ring a bell to you as a child’s toy, but it may come as no surprise to you that it originates from Japan. In Japanese, “ken” means handle and “tama” means “ball”. For kids, it gets them away from the smartphone screens for a while and lets them work on their body coordination skills. Chances are you can still find these around your neighborhood malls in Singapore, though the fad for kendamas may be long over. Nevertheless, if you can find them in Japan during your trip, they still do make for good Japan souvenirs especially for someone’s kids.

13. Lucky cat/ Maneki neko


Source: Pexels


Manekineko, or Japan’s fortune cat, is a symbol of good luck and a wish for someone’s prosperity. A manekineko with the left paw raising up is supposedly believed to attract customers, whle the right paw raised is said to invite good fortune and money. By getting a manekineko for someone as a Japan souvenir, you are simply giving a wish of good luck for their life.

14. Anime Figurines


Source: Unsplash


Anime and manga is one big segment of Japan that draws a whole ton of crowd from all over the world. People follow anime series online, have various collections of manga series. With anime alone, there evolves into communities of cosplayers and people dressing up as anime characters.

15. Gundam Figurines


Source: Unsplash


Gundam comes from the category of anime, but I find them to be worth classifying as another category on its own. Complex robot figurines and for Japan that is known for its robots, Gundam figurines are just the right size that you can take home and admire Japan’s cool robots displayed at the comfort of your own home.

16. Japanese Pop Music CDs


Source: eBay


While in Singapore, Chinese pop may be a popular thing, with Jay Chou songs and bands like S.H.E growing up with us through our teenage years, there was a time where J-Pop was also growing popularity in Singapore before K-pop. However, there are indeed a handful lot of Japanese pop songs we may have grown up with too. Regardless, there are a range of nice Japanese songs of your genre choice that you can enjoy even if you do not understand the Japanese language. Especially for J-Pop artiste fans, wouldn’t it be nice to grab their CD from where they come from, and get something tangible as a Japan souvenir for yourself instead of downloading online that you can only see on your screens?

17. Disney Merchandise in Japanese

disney merchandise

Source: Unsplash


We all know that Tokyo has Disneyland and Disneysea to offer as tourist attractions for visitors. As Disneyland has promised, they are the “happiest place on earth”. With Disneyland and DisneySea, Japan has its own range of Disney plushies and merchandise that you can bring back home for someone’s kids as Japan souvenirs. Plus if you are a Disney fan yourself, you can get Disney character ‘tsum tsum’ as a Japan souvenir for yourself! Apart from Disneyland vicinity, there are Disney shops all along the hearts of busy districts Comparing to Disney elsewhere in the world, Japan’s Disney has a unique charm of its own. Even if you do not understand a single Japnanese or do not know how to read a single Japanese character, it the nature of the Japanese characters to look like pictures and scribbles done correctly in a picture.

18. Pokemon Merchandise


Source: Unsplash


Even if you are not a fan of Disney, you may be interested in Pokemon. Starting from the very first generation of Pokemon, this cartoon has grown up with us since our childhood. If you can remember, the Pokemon anime series used to be on Saturday mornings, and it’s something we would wake up early to watch. Til today, Pokemon is still captivating the hearts of even grown up adults with newer versions of Pokemon and more Pokemon characters. There are Pokemon centres, or Pokemon shops all around Japan, especially in their big cities. You just need to Google and you will find a Pokemon Centre in Japan. There, you can find a widespread range of Pokemon key chains and plushies good to go as Japan souvenirs, whether for yourself or for someone.

19. Sushi Pen

Sushi Pen


Why don’t you work with a cute and fun pen with petite little sushi for a Japan souvenir for the office or for someone you love? (This may make you hungry). The petite sushi inside each Sushi pen is handmade, and there is no one that is the same. The sushi inside the pen are made of polymer clay. There is also the version with onigiri or miso soup. Show off your love for sushi! The sushi are really petite and cute. Not only do you get to save your calories on real sushi, you get a Japan souvenir you can use to write with. Each and every pen is handmade and there will be no two sushi pens that'll look exactly like yours. As such, it makes for a very special and unique Japan souvenir. Pens come in gold and pink shades. Regardless, they are great for the office, school, or as a special gift and Japan souvenir for someone you love!


Sushi Pen Creator

These sushi pen are created and meticulously by a Japanese pen creator who used to live in Singapore by the name her artwork is very popular on the biggest handmade e-commerce site in Japan. What customers like about her artwork is that she always puts in sheer amount of care and importance in everything she does. One of the dreams she held for the longest time is to hold an event especially for kids.


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20. Kimono Jacket

Kimono Jacket

Source: Kimono-Jacket.com


Japanese these days are coming up with creative ways to preserve the kimono and at the same time keeping it modern. For one example, fusing the kimono with daily casual wear and modern-day jackets. A new blue wave of modern-style men’s kimono jacket is coming your way these days from Japan and Japanese fashion. Bringing to you in Singapore specially flown in from Japan’s city of jeans is our men's kimono jacket coming soon to our store at Melo!.