STEM Toys: What is STEM?

by Melo! SG on November 25, 2020

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and offers kids fundamental learning experiences that can be applied to everyday life. Toys that utilize Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) concepts empower children to learn to take a more hands-on approach to challenges and tasks.


Things like spatial awareness and problem solving come to the forefront when playing with stem toys. These are invaluable and transferable skills. They also encourage a longer attention span for younger children, especially as they are appealing with their bright colors and interest.

4 Benefits of STEM Toys

STEM Toy Types


Electronic STEM toys challenge kids to install circuity that powers a device. Some of the units contain all the essential accessories, while others include everyday objects like light bulbs and soda cans.



Building STEM toys introduce kids to architecture and engineering. They promote open-ended play since children can either put together their own creation or follow instructions to create a model.


Robotic STEM toys help kids create robots of their own. They can be as basic as one-dimensional robots that spin or walk, or as sophisticated as fully-fledged interactive toys. Some kids may need adult help with these toys.



Coding STEM toys encourage an interest in programming. Kids practice coding to breathe life into a device like a robot and also see how precision and accuracy in technology have a positive impact on common objects.



Biology toys cover a wide area—they explore the human body, plants, animals, and ecosystems. Apart from examination, experiments and data gathering, biology STEM toys normally involve activities with long-term environmental impact, like planting trees or setting up butterfly gardens.





Astronomy STEM toys focus on learning all about space. They study planets, constellations and the universe via scale models and telescopes. These toys challenge children to learn about the universe by asking as many questions as possible.


STEM toys are not all about fun and games but also about learning. They are designed to increase children’s interest in different aspects of engineering, science, math or anything else that involves technology. Considering how technologically-oriented the world is turning into, there’s no better time for children to begin playing and develop lifelong skills that will make their academic and professional lives a roaring success.