DHA Gummy - FREE Domestic Shipping islandwide
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DHA Gummy - FREE Domestic Shipping islandwide



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    • FREE Domestic Shipping islandwide
    • DHA functionalities:
      ・Improves memory and decision making ability.
      ・Prevents Alzheimer-type dementia.
      ・Prevents eye disorder called age-related macular degeneration.
      ・Improves blood circulation.
    • With Ginkgo Leaf Extract, it promotes:
      ・Effectiveness in improving cognitive ability in younger people, not only elderly people.
      ・Better blood circulation
      ・Components such as Ginkgolide which helps in thrombus prevention, improves blood viscosity and eliminates blood flow disorder while another component, Flavonoid helps in dilating and repairing these peripheral blood vessels thus maintaining its elasticity.
      ・Antioxidant effect
      ・Corneal regenerative effect due to Ginkgolide etc.

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