(INCLUSIVE GST) Remake Your Own Jeans - by Japanese jeans-designers
(INCLUSIVE GST) Remake Your Own Jeans - by Japanese jeans-designers
(INCLUSIVE GST) Remake Your Own Jeans - by Japanese jeans-designers
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(INCLUSIVE GST) Remake Your Own Jeans - by Japanese jeans-designers


     For those who want to upgrade from basic designs such as UNIQLO and MUJI.

     You can bring your jeans to ‘Melo!’ Store. The jeans-designers can remake your jeans on the spot after fashion consultation.


    Make whisker on your jeans

    Make your jeans ripped

    Make your jeans hem frayed

    About the event

     Jeans is something that everybody wear almost every day. Therefore don’t you agree it makes a difference if you can dress well with jeans?

     We especially invited talented jeans-designers, Daisuke and Tatsuya from WHOVAL, a Japanese branded jeans manufacturer to Singapore specially for this upcoming event at Melo!

     The talented Japanese jeans-designers make your jeans just for you at special prices!

    Event venue: Melo!@TripleOne Somerset #01-46, 111 Somerset Road Singapore 238164

    Date: 29 Nov (Fri)~ 1 Dec (Sun) 2019

    By Appointment Only (Online booking)

    No alteration service is provided


    👖Jeans Designer's Profile👖

    Name: Tatsuya Fukui
    Age: 32
    Hobby: Making accessory, Riding Motorbike
    Home Town: Asaguchi City, Okayama Prefecture
    Speciality: Ripped Jeans, Splash painted Jeans
    Message: I will do my best in designing your perfect jeans to make you happy. Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything. Let’s create only one, wonderful jeans together!
    Name: Daisuke Ishibashi
    Age: 25
    Hobby: Traveling oversea, Snowboarding
    Home Town: Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture
    Speciality: Strong passion in making jeans
    Message: Let’s create the best jeans you look good in your lifetime! I will do my best.

    👖Message - Shuji Ishibashi CEO of WHOVAL Co., Ltd.👖

     I was born in Kojima, and grew up with denim. Used to being surrounded with jeans and involved in the industry, it was a very natural thing that happened.

     In 2007, we started WHOVAL. We began from the thought that our creations couldn’t do without the washing process. Hence we started the processing plants.

     We have over 30 employees, and we are striving to raise the value of “made in Kojima.” Skilled, sensitive young guys and engineers work hard together to expand the range of their works while challenging various processes at the same time.

     Now, Kojima is widely known to world as the “jeans town” in Japan.
    Proudly bringing to you Japanese domestic jeans from Kojima, the birthplace of Japanese domestic jeans.

     It is our belief to develop unknown technology and new products.