"Dento" Blue Sakura × Mizutori Japanese Clogs Indigo - BS×MT FW01-IND (Islandwide Free Shipping) GST Inclusive


    BLUE SAKURA's collaboration line with Mizutori to produce exquisite handmade Clogs (Geta).

    The traditional Japanese Geta is flat. It also takes time to get to fit with thongs. Mr. Masashi Mizutori, an artisan of Geta created the one that gets to fit well by adjusting thongs that covers instep. It would be gentle to the foot and comfortable all day.

    The concept idea came from shoes. The thongs are featured by BLUE SAKURA’s original selvage denim and selvage tape which are well known as the brand’s icon.

    Smooth leather is being applied at thongs where the first & second toes pinch for your comfort. Enjoy the natural effect of wood sole and denim. It is exactly the vintage vibe you're going for.


    • 27cm
    • 28cm

    • Japan-made High Quality

    • 100% Cotton
    • 100% PU Leather
    • 100% Rubber
    • Wood (Mahogany)
      • Indigo
      • Black


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