[16% OFF!] 31: Trente Et Un A.S.C Facial Serum (Inclusive Shipping)
[16% OFF!] 31: Trente Et Un A.S.C Facial Serum (Inclusive Shipping)
[16% OFF!] 31: Trente Et Un A.S.C Facial Serum (Inclusive Shipping)

[16% OFF!] 31: Trente Et Un A.S.C Facial Serum (Inclusive Shipping)

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    Anti-Aging Facial Serum:

    31: Trente Et Un A.S.C

    31: Trente Et Un A.S.C is a facial serum which instead of supplementing the skin composition, uses the synergistic effects of three ingredients (apple cell culture solution, eggshell membrane extract, Nahlsgen) to elevate the skin’s regenerative abilities.

    The Concept Development of 31:
    Trente Et Un A.S.C

    Founder: Nakazawa Keiko 中澤恵子
    (Skin Care Therapist)

    Made by K-Company, an innovative facial aesthetics and skin care salon based in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

    Ms Nakazawa (52) started K-Company in 2001, selling natural and low irritation beauty products. Through her original beauty essences and make-up powder co-developed with dermatologists, she has managed to grow her customer base to more than 25,000 customers in a short span of 20 years. With her wealth of experience, she began developing a new make-up product from 2018. This time she focused on using the latest technology, natural ingredients centred around sustainable sources.

    "Having proper skin care from young impacts your beauty in the future"

    Three Major Ingredients

    Apple Cell Culture

    The apple cell culture solution is created from small pieces of a special apple variety extremely resistant to rotting. Globally, there are only 20 trees which produce this apple variety. It is also a sustainably-sourced ingredient and prevents skin aging by regenerating fibroblast cells damaged by oxidative stress.

    Eggshell Membrane Extract

    The eggshell membrane extract is a protein mix that contains roughly 20 different amino acids and is the only ingredient available globally that contains both hyaluronic acid and collagen. It has a positive effect on fibroblast cells and helps to improve skin elasticity.


    Nahsgel is a chemical compound co-developed by Kyoto University and Osaka City University. It helps the skin’s fibroblast cells increase production of collagen and elastin. In addition, it stimulates the production of heat shock proteins (HSP), which are essential in rebuilding damaged cells and lead to healthy skin.

    Usage Instructions

    Facial Wash:
    Use it as part of your routine skin care

    Recommended Dosage:
    Wash with 12 pumps from the bottle per day. You can split it equally into morning and night, with 6 pumps each. Each bottle should last you 2 months.

    *For those who are serious about their skin care, you can increase it to 24 pumps per day. This will use up the bottle and create the miracle in 31 days.