Air & Water Compression - Model D
Air & Water Compression - Model D
Air & Water Compression - Model D
Air & Water Compression - Model D
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Air & Water Compression - Model D

    Experiment Video

    Investigate the nature of air and water, when the force of pressing is applied to trapped air or water, learn the relationship between volume change and the force of pressing, learn the elasticity of trapped air and water.

    • Use water guns and syringes to check the volume and response when air or water is pushed in.
    • Compare the difference with a water gun using an air gun.
    • Examine the structure of the fountain using the properties of air and water.
    Learning Results
    • Understand that compressing the trapped air reduces the volume, but increases the force of pressing back.
    • Understand that the trapped air is compressed, and the water is not compressed.
    Parts Name Quantity
    tube/diameter of 2.6×20cm 1
    push rod/diameter of 2.2×28cm 1
    brim 1
    Cap 1
    Bag Clip 1
    Bullet (red, blue, yellow) 1 set
    Whale Sponge 1
    Gem Clip 1
    Centre Nozzle Syringe 1
    Vinyl Bag 1
    Bottle Cap 1
    Fountain cap 1
    Tube 1
    Straw 2
    • High screws thread and cap prevents air and water to leak
    • Durable high transparent tube, made of special plastic (polycarbonate)
    • You can enjoy enrichment experiment of fountain and movement of air and water
    • come with auxiliary part for class use
    • come with bag with zipper for smaller parts
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