ASHI-TORE Insoles (Inclusive Shipping)
ASHI-TORE Insoles (Inclusive Shipping)

ASHI-TORE Insoles (Inclusive Shipping)


    Around 70% suffer from
    "Floating Toes"

    What is "Floating toes"?

    Most conventional shoes we usually wear are designed to prevent tripping by raising the toes up. So, it ends up forcing the leg shapes to be floating toes state.

    However, human beings originally stand and walk by firmly grasping the ground with five toes.

    If toes are floating, it causes the centre of gravity is on the heel. This causes misalignment of body as body tries to keep the balance which contributes to stiff shoulders, slouching, sagging butt, stuck-out belly, knee pain, imbalance of left and right, floating toes.

    Floating toes can be the
    reason of these problems:

    ♦ Painful troubles in the knees and legs ♦

    ♦ Often told that looks aged ♦

    ♦ Easier to gain weight ♦

    ♦ Concern about back and shoulder problem ♦

    ♦ Having problem to stand for a long time ♦

    ♦ Feel the weakness of the legs ♦

    Training while wearing ASHI-TORE

    1) Insole allows the toes to move freely

    Toes works properly and muscle of the legs work together effectively.

    2) Support the arch of the foot

    You don't get tired easily and it keeps beautiful posture.

    Size Chart

    3 easy steps with ASHI-TORE

    Remove original insole

    Cut ASHI-TORE insole according to your size

    Insert ASHI-TORE insole in the shoes