Dr. Oba Prestige Line NMN3750 Supplements - Inclusive Shipping
Dr. Oba Prestige Line NMN3750 Supplements - Inclusive Shipping
Dr. Oba Prestige Line NMN3750 Supplements - Inclusive Shipping
Dr. Oba Prestige Line NMN3750 Supplements - Inclusive Shipping

Dr. Oba Prestige Line NMN3750 Supplements - Inclusive Shipping

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    NMN Supplements

    ✭✭ Supervised by a doctor ✭✭
    ✭✭ Domestic production in Japan ✭✭
    ✭✭ High purity 99% or more ✭✭

    NMN is the key to "youthfulness.

    The life expectancy of people today is expected to continue to increase rapidly. We don't just want to have a long lifespan, we want to be as healthy and vigorous as possible. NMN is the key to such healthy longevity.

    As the ability to produce NMN declines with age, the condition of the body is also affected. Let’s condition your body by replenishing NMN as energy resources. Overall body performance is improved.

    NMN is an essential energy source for living organisms and is officially called "nicotinamide mononucleotide".

    It is a component that is currently attracting attention, as it was announced it is the first ingredient in the world that has been shown to be able to fight aging.

    NMN is also produced in the human body, but it decreases with age, and by the time we reach our 50s, it is about half of what it was when we were young. As we age, we cannot consume sufficient amounts of NMN through diet alone, and this affects the condition of our body..

    NMN supplements helps to provide the amount of NMN that the body lacks, and can spread energy throughout the body.

    If you want to get more out of your day but feel a lack of energy, could it be that you're lacking NMN?

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    Domestic production

    All processes are manufactured and controlled at a factory in Japan.

    Doctor supervision

    This product is manufactured and sold under the supervision of Dr. Oba, who has been a cosmetic surgeon for 25 years.

    Purity of 99% or higher

    We procured and blended high-purity NMN raw materials with a purity of 99% or higher.

    GMP products

    These products are manufactured in GMP-certified factories where proper manufacturing and quality control are required.

    Plant-based capsules

    It is composed only of plant-based ingredients, without using animal-derived ingredients such as pigs, cows, and fish.

    Simple formula

    In order to make you feel the effect of NMN more, we have made a simple formula without any extra ingredients.

    Capsule size

    The capsule size is not too large so that anyone can take it easily.

    Recommended for people who

    • Have no confidence in physical fitness
    • Find it difficult to relax and unwind
    • Concerned about the state of your beauty.
    • Want to be vigorous and energetic.
    • Want to be youthful
    • Have been feeling a little down lately.

    Happy testimonials from customers

    "I am now able to get up early and enjoy long walks with my dog."50s / self-employed

    "I feel refreshed all day long."40s / doctor

    "I've recommended it to all my mom friends!" 50s / Housewife

    "I got a compliment from my hair stylist." 30s / company employee

    "I started to feel refreshed every day" 30s / racer

    "My life used to be so busy with work that I would just go to bed when I got home, but now I run around with my children on my days off." 50s / lawyer

    "I'm enjoying my day off to the fullest!" 50s / Trainer

    "Both my husband and I, we had started taking this supplement together." 40s / dentist

    "Now able to do light workouts at the gym and feel good about my physical performance!" 50s / Trainer

    "People said my face looked brighter!" 20's / Salesman

    "I've been told I look younger!" 50's / company executive

    "Since it is taken only once a day, it is easy to continue taking it" 60s / housewife