Herb Granules + Lactic Acid Bacteria Tablets (Lactic acid bacteria processed food) - Inclusive Shipping

Herb Granules + Lactic Acid Bacteria Tablets (Lactic acid bacteria processed food) - Inclusive Shipping

    Available in Sample Pack(3 packets) too!
    (4 tablets/packet)

    Foods with functional claims
    "Kaitsu Herb tablets + Lactic acid bacteria"

    Foods with functional claims, Regular motion herb tablet which improve bowel movements + Lactic acid bacteria
    • Contains Spore-forming lactic acid bacteria 3 times more than usual
    • W Power, Herb + Lactic acid bacteria make you feel refreshed every morning

    The amount of Spore-forming lactic acid bacteria increased to about 3 times as before. It established a intestinal environment more than ever to improve the bowel. You will be able to feel good every morning.

    Senna stalk
    Improve bowel movement naturally
    contains alot of vitamins and fibre
    Lotus leaf
    Contains alot of mineral
    Persimmon leaf
    Contains vitamin C 20 times more than lemon
    Aoi leaf
    Wild grass known as healthy tea
    Loquat leaf
    It is said to make the body healthy from the inside.
    Effective for diet and aging care
    Orange peel
    It is called Citrus reticulata peel used as crude drug
    Q. Comparing bifidobacteria and spore-forming lactic acid bacteria, what are the advantages of spore-forming lactic acid bacteria?

    Generally, bifidobacteria have the property of being killed by oxygen and are difficult to use in processed foods, but spore-forming lactic acid bacteria do not die even in the presence of oxygen and have excellent resistance to heat, acid, pressure, and sugar. Therefore, food processing is easy.

    Q. Where in the body does spore-forming lactic acid bacteria germinate when ingested?

    Since it has been clarified that spores are activated at a low pH such as gastric acid and germination is promoted, it is believed that germination occurs in the duodenum and small intestine, and then it becomes vegetative cells in the small and large intestines and divides and proliferates.

    If you stop taking it, it will be naturally excreted from the body by defecation in about one week.

    Natural material can solve your problems that is bothering you for long time.


    Customers' Reviews


    I was impressed to see the result with just 4 tablets.
    46 yrs old female
    The cleanest feeling I've ever had.
    79 yrs old male
    I could feel the power naturally.
    39 yrs old female
    I have been taking this for 4 years.I feel great evey morning
    61 yrs old female
    I have been taking this herb tablet and I am still satisfied with its effect.
    54 yrs old male
    I stopped taking other company's product as it disagreed with my body. However, herb tablet is ok. I enjoy taking.
    60 yrs old female
    I feel good everyday.
    27yrs old female
    I can pass motion everyday.
    25 yrs old female


    Direction of Use

    Estimated daily intake: Consume 4 tablets a day with water
    Take it with plenty of water

    Net Weight

    36g (1 tablet 300mg×120 tablets)


    • This product is not intended for diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of diseases.
    • This product is not a food product developed for people with illness, minors, pregnant women (including those planning to become pregnant) and lactating women.
    • Consult your doctor if you have a medical condition, or if you are taking any medications.
    • If you feel any problems in your physical condition, stop taking it immediately and consult a doctor.
    • If you have food allergies, on other medication or are visiting the hospital, please consult with your doctor before consuming.
    • This product does not cure diseases or improve health by taking large amounts.
    • Please follow the recommended daily intake.
    • Keep out of reach of infants.
    • Please handle in a hygienic environment because it is food.
    • Due to the nature of the raw material, there may be slight differences in appearance and odour.
    • Please do not return the tablets in to the bag once it is opened.
    • This may cause color change, etc.


    Senna stem extract powder (manufactured in Japan), Aoi leaf powder, Lotus leaf powder, Bacillus coagulan, Persimmon leaf powder, Loquat leaf powder, Mate tea powder, Mandarin orange peel, Papaya powder/sorbitol, cellulose, Sucrose ester, Silicon dioxide granules