Lucky Bag C (only 1 set!)  - Inclusive Shipping

Lucky Bag C (only 1 set!) - Inclusive Shipping

$57.00 $79.32

    Lucky Bag C

    $57 (U.P $79.32)

    This lucky bag consists of:
    - Foot Callina (Massager)
    - Head Massager
    - Hair Oil

    Foot Callina (Massager)

    It is a massager that stretches and shakes to guide your feet refreshingly and lightly. For feet that tend to swell with desk work or high heels. You can easily stretch in the office. Refreshing with sole pressure, instep stretch, ankle stretch, toe stretch, and toe stretch. You can use it while wearing socks.


    Head Massager

    It is a tool that can "rub", "flow", and "push" with two types of protrusions to loosen stiffness. It fits on the back of the head and neck and can be loosened firmly. Can be hung and stored without being bulky. Gray is hard and pink is soft.


    Hair Oil

    Only with just few drops, it keeps your hair moisturised. In addition, it also protects from ultraviolet rays and prevents hair damage. Mild scented and effective for those who don't use hair dryer after shower.