Lucky Bag K (only 1 set!)  - Inclusive Shipping

Lucky Bag K (only 1 set!) - Inclusive Shipping

$28.70 $52.47

    Lucky Bag K

    $28.70 (U.P $52.47)

    This lucky bag consists of:
    - Scented Candle
    - Aroma Mask
    - Aroma Fragrant Stickers

    Scented Candle

    100% natural high quality vegetable wax candles. Uses an elegant fragrance imported from France, wax is refined with soy and soy from China

    It has a long burning time. It can relieve stress. An irresistible addition to any candle lover and perfect for everyday use


    Aroma Mask

    ・ Infiltrated with 100% natural aroma oil extracted from the plant itself.
    ・ By sticking it on the mask, you can feel it when wearing the mask.
    ・ Eliminates odor discomfort.
    ・ It feels good to fill it with your favorite scent.
    ・ You can wear a mask.


    Fragrant Sticks

    A scent that creates a relaxing time and space.
    In addition, since it is a high-quality incense made in Japan that is particular about raw materials such as fragrances, there is less smoldering.

    The incense products that contain the rich scents that can be said to be the blessings of nature, such as flowers and trees, are all selected by skilled perfumers. The peaceful Japanese scent creates a relaxing flow of time.