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【UV Glue】UV BONDY Glue - UV Setting Liquid Plastic - Made in Japan (FREE Shipping Islandwide)

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    Improve work efficiency with UV Glue "UV Bondy"
    Sets in 4 seconds with UV irradiation which enables speedy and flexible work!

    ①Repair - mend - mold - all in one!

    UV BONDY is a liquid plastic that sets using ultraviolet light. This UV Glue can be used as an adhesive or repair material as the liquid plastic of UV BONDY hardens when the incorporated UV LED light is exposed onto the applied area.

    A UV Glue that can repair wires in plugs or headphone cables.

    UV Glue

    A UV Glue that can fix and mold plastic model parts.

    UV Glue 02

    A UV Glue that can make or repair broken accessories.

    UV Glue 03

    ②Made in Japan with reliable quality

    UV BONDY is a reliable product whereby the whole operation of planning to quality control is done in Japan.

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    ③The incorporated UV LED light stand allows easy use as two hands can be used freely.

    With the LED light stand, you can eliminate the inconvenience that one hand is blocked by holding the light irradiation! You can work comfortably.

    ④Large volume of 10ml

    Generally, UV curable liquid plastic is available in small capacity compared to the price, but UV BONDY is a great value with a larger capacity of 10ml - about twice the volume of conventional products (An in-company investigation).

    How to use BONDY UV?

    Remove all oil and dust remnants from the surface of where UV BONDY will be applied. Apply UV BONDY, then irradiate with the incorporated UV LED light on the area for minimum 4 seconds. For a thicker coat, repeat coating and curing process 1-mm at a time. Adhesive strength can be increased by roughening the adhesive surface with a file.

    UV Glue 05

     ■Usage example for UV BONDY

    • Repair and reinforcement for cable coating
    • Filling in defected area
    • Mending broken parts
    • For use on hobbies such as molding, adhesion, etc.


    -Liquid plastic (10ml)
    -UV LED light
    -UV LED light stand
    -Instruction manual


    -Size: H240×W70×D25
    -Wight: 60g