YUCACI Face Mask - Inclusive Shipping
YUCACI Face Mask - Inclusive Shipping
YUCACI Face Mask - Inclusive Shipping

YUCACI Face Mask - Inclusive Shipping

$12.70 $23.40


    Basic skin care focusing on the yin-yang balance

    Luxury sheet material from Asahikasei

    Used the world’s only cupro continuous-filament non-woven product, Bemliese
    It sticks to all over your skin
    You will get hooked on this lumpy skin texture and good fit
    It comes with one size and wraps entire face
    Soft sheet can fit any sizes of face

    YUCACI face mask is free from:

    ◆ Antiseptic ◆
    ◆ Mineral oil ◆
    ◆ Petroleum-based surfactant ◆
    ◆ Alcohol ◆
    ◆ Silicon ◆
    ◆ Synthetic fragrance ◆
    ◆ Artificial coloring ◆
    ◆ Paraben ◆
    ◆ Phenoxyethanol ◆
    ◆ UV absorber ◆


    Adhere the sheet on face

    After washing face, remove mask from bag and spread open and adhere it to face. Lightly press the mask with your palm and make it adhere to the entire face.

    Leave it on for 10-15 mins

    Remove the mask after 10-15 mins


    Apply the remaining beauty essence with the palm of your hand and finish with your own cream or milky lotion.

    Application Procedure


    Is it possible to use it in combination with other cosmetics?

    Yes, you can use it with other cosmetics.
    If you have any concerns, consult your dermatologist.

    How long can it be used in the unopened state?

    You can use it for 3 years since the date of manufacture.

    When is it effective to use?

    You can use it in morning, day time and night, regardless of time. For morning use, you can expect that it condition your skin and make up stays on well.

    For night use, it helps to keep skin's moisture level when you sleep. Please use it according to your own daily routine.